Carrie's Priorities

Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Carrie is passionate about mental health and substance abuse prevention. At the Oklahoma City County Health Department, Carrie works every day to make our community a healthier place. She directs the Wellness Now Coalition, which coordinates public health efforts across the County. Carrie knows that it’s time for mental health to be valued just as much as physical health. She has seen the strain that substance abuse and untreated mental illnesses place on Oklahoma families. Carrie wants to help bring more awareness to these issues and improve services for the most vulnerable Oklahomans.


Our children are our most valuable resource. They are the future leaders of our state, and we need to invest in their success. Carrie will be a tireless advocate for funding our schools and for common sense solutions to our education crisis.  She is committed to working with all school districts within the county to fight for better resources and support for teachers, students, and families.  Every child deserves the best education we can possibly provide. It’s time to stop putting education on the backburner and start prioritizing what’s important.

Fixing the Oklahoma County Jail

The Oklahoma County Jail is overcrowded and unsafe. There have been 20 inmate deaths since 2016, and our prison population just keeps growing. Carrie believes that Oklahoma County should be a leader in reform and rehabilitation. As County Commissioner, she will make it her priority to reform our criminal justice system by diverting offenders into recovery programs. Proactive investments in county mental health services and improved access to mental health court and drug court can increase recovery rates, reduce recidivism, and reduce prison overcrowding.

Transparent and Honest Government

Our government should work for us. We need leaders who are open and honest about the issues important to our community and the way our tax dollars are spent. Our state cannot afford any more of these political games - we need results that directly improve the everyday lives of Oklahoma County residents. Citizens should never be left in the dark about decisions that directly affect them. Carrie will work to ensure that our county government is transparent, and she will strive to be the honest leader we need.


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