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Transparent and Honest Government

One of Carrie’s top priorities is to ensure our County is truly working for its residents and spending your tax dollars as equitably as possible. Since taking office, Carrie has worked to shine a light on what the county does, what public services are offered, how it spends its money, and how decisions are made among its leaders. No resident should feel uninformed or left out. Through regular live streams, town halls (virtual and in person), speaking engagements, social media, news interviews, a monthly newsletter, and ‘Commissioner for a Day’ programs, Carrie wants everyone to understand how their local government works and how to get involved.


With over 200 miles of rural and unincorporated roads in Oklahoma County District 1, Carrie’s road and bridge crew is always busy. In addition to these rural roads, she has collaborated with all eight municipalities in her district to assist with road projects inside their city limits.  Major flooding in 2019, an early season ice storm in 2020, and historic snow storm in 2021, her crews also respond to natural disasters in the district at a moment’s notice. Providing safe, well-maintained roads and bridges ensures residents’ access to all their needs and keeps our economy running.

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Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Leading the MAPS 4 Mental Health effort, Carrie worked with partners across the county to ensure our MAPS 4 program included $40 million in mental health crisis centers, addiction treatment, and emergency mental health housing. She believes every resident, no matter their situation, should have access to mental health and addiction treatment. Our county jail is too often where our neighbors in crisis are taken and Carrie is committed to providing a safer and better alternative for our most vulnerable residents. In early 2020, Carrie led a coalition of partners to visit The Restoration Center and Haven for Hope in Bexar County, Texas to learn how a neighboring county provides treatment, housing, and hope to its residents. She hopes to replicate some of their practices here in Oklahoma City.

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